Common Year 592

Seeds of Destruction

Eaten by plants

Journel of Bhaiti Zunbai (Month of ?, ? the ?th, CY 592)

Primary Location: Town of Dunn, NW Sunndi.

In a town as done as Dunn there is only one option. Leave. So at the yam tavern we discussed how to leave. Then one of the sexy priestesses came up to us (probably remembering how great the sex with me was) and offered us each some cards from a deck. One might have been a sex card so I took as many as I could, but only got some weird stuff and a bag of gems. When the dwarf pulled a card and dissapeared along with the cards the priestess left. We thought it was a good time and we left the city too. With a brief stop to pick up the lizard wizard.

We traveled to a place from a map we found and then went up a trail into the hills. After defeating a horrible ogre, we managed to find an awesome smelling hammock plant. So everyone jumped in and went to sleep. And it digested us and grew up big and strong.

The end.



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