Common Year 592

From Bad to Worse

Just F'ed Up

Journel of Bhaiti Zunbai (Month of ?, ? the ?th, CY 592?)

Primary Location: Town of Dunn, NW Sunndi.

Getting back to town after many days in the forest is always a shock. But now the town is even more orderly. The church of Wastri will have to pay. But it looks like the Dwarf got himself locked in a cell by the town people. New people have joined Rose, some elfish wizard guy and a lizard man. We will see if they prove themselves. So we went to see him, the Dwarf. He is locked in a cage in the keep.

We leave town cause it is very creepy with all the order and cubes and unnatural things. In the woods things are bad too but not as bad. There is some old burned farmhouse where a magic door is floating. It is bad but at least it isn’t in town. Back to town by nightfall, three hot women by bar, had sex with one, she is best woman ever.

We set dwarf free, maybe he dies in escape maybe he gets out, at least he has chance. He gets out of town. Now we can go back to Wastri temple and stop them from making too much order in the world. Not easy to save world, good to have a deadly friend in case something goes wrong. Still don’t know about lizard man or elfish guy. Never seen them in action.

Rest at he farmhouse with door, have very weird dreams. Terrible land with strange shaped beings, like rocks. Probably Wastri clerics fault. Go back to temple. Turns out Wastri is gone and WeeJjass is there, much time has passed, weird dream may have been planar travel and lost time.

Head back to town, has become more like place of men. More loud, more smelly, more evil, but strangely less corrupted by order. I knew getting rid of Wastri would help. Don’t find three women, but go to person in charge of town in keep. Large froggy man, get very bad feeling from him. He says do task or will eat us, I believe he can and will, we do task.

Return to inn and meet up with others. Town is beyond saving to corrupt and civilized. Suggest we should leave.



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