Common Year 592


What's up?

Journel of Bhaiti Zunbai (Month of Reaping, Godsday the 18th, CY 592)

Primary Location: Town of Dunn, NW Sunndi.

Picking up a fallen party member the group leaves the temple and heads north for magical help. Zun thinks the druids might be able to help Luck. He has heard many stories of the great powers of the mightiest of druids.

After three days they find a druid and a place to camp about a day north and east of the town of Dunn in the wilderness. Zun buries the body and marks the grave as well as setting up druid information for any druids who happen by.

After waiting for two more days the dwarf and ranger head off looking for civilization. and two days after that Zun can no longer take the strange orderly defiling of nature and heads back to its source, the town of Dunn.



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